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Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Big Thank You!

A year following the donation of my innovation, reviewing everything, I feel obliged to thank every fellow-combatant fighting for a better future.

In the process there were some people as Mr.Rickoff who saw that my innovation practically works and tried repeatedly and with great enthusiasm to explain it unfortunately unsuccessfully. 

On the other hand, there were also some people with sterile minds and extreme points of view who by no means can represent the Over-Unity quest. These people tried to blacken my work and present me as irrational by making strange and ridiculous questions such as:
“If it works, then why didn’t he finish it before donating it?”
Like I was obligated to deliver them something complete.
“Why didn’t he use a “car generator” in order to output electricity?”
They also claimed to have built replicas which did not work, trying blatantly to prevent anyone from dealing with it.

Well, Gentlemen as I have previously written I wasn’t able to complete my work for personal reasons. Moreover, anyone must know how demanding as well as costly this kind of perennial experiments are.
Today, without the fear of being misinterpreted, I can tell you that I am just a private person working from the garage of my home. Whatever I have achieved was done through personal work and personal funding. With the firm belief that, for all the great monuments in our history, only gravitation could have provided the necessary energy.

I would like to express my gratitude for all your help.
Your articles and your interest  led to learn about it worldwide.  
Resulting,  people who see beyond the taught physics, to look into it and to provide the scientific proves and documentation of the Fundamental Operating Principle of my innovation.
I will only mention two of them who with their ideas really helped the further development of my device.
The great russian scientist Dr.F.M.Kanaref
And the gentleman with the nickname Gravity Blog in

I also present some improvement instructions.
In the prototype there is a radius (blade) of 112 cm which translates to
diameter =224cm. Thus a perimeter of 703cm. The contact points of the pulse transmission of movement are in total 6cm (2x3 cm).This means that only in the 0.85% of the perimeter of the cycle we give this little energy that we need. However, in the existent system the motors continue to work during the whole rotation.
We could use a pneumatic system in order to consume power only on a pulse strike on every rotation. 
Or as proposed by GravityBlog, a harmonic drive system. Which looks ideal however I do not know how much it would cost either how much energy it would consume to give us a strike of 5 kg in each rotation. 

All these years that I have been dealing with it through many different experiments, I have seen so many things that the only fact I may tell with certainty is that a rotating body especially in free fall acceleration is for me an unexplored aspect of physics.
Really important role is played by the size of the body (mass), the way it is being pushed, the way it is connected to the main shaft , etc.
A special material as light as possible that connects the body to the shaft gives much better results. As far as getting energy is concerned, I insist on the main shaft but I am not sure of the ideal solution :
The pulse generator that many suggest today and as has already been referred to by n84dafun almost a year ago.
Or the use of a harmonic drive as proposed by GravityBlog which sounds really interesting though I do not know many things about.

There have been many reports concerning the noise of the machine. The noise comes from the wooden structure of the system and the hard tires that have been used. If the chassis was made of metal the noise will be eliminated. 

Many times I have read about little replicas and I have seen enough that bring no similarity to the specifications of the prototype. Do not waste your time in vain. 

Dear Roland although your thought is very interesting, the speed that something like that could happen is incredibly high and most likely unrealistic for our construction. 

A special thanks to Mr.Ash ( and to Mr. Sterling D. A. ( for their help on making it known.

I wish you all Health and Peace.

I apologize for my poor English. It is not my native language.


  1. Hi F. M. CHALKALIS,

    I don't know your e-mail address so I write here. I thank what you have done for people of the world. It's very difficult thing to put out your life-long invention in public domain.

    It seems to me your machine is a variation of the gravity wheel which started hundreds years ago by Leonardo Da Vici.

    I think you know that a complete wheel with electric motor assistance does the same thing like yours: Over unity. The benefit of this version is it's no matter how big is the wheel, it's on the balance. Your design has big off-balance force that requires really strong base of the machine as you make bigger or run it faster.

    The more you fast, the power consumption of the electric motor gets less. The COP ratio becomes bigger.

    Best Wishes

  2. Thank you very much Chalkalis, you do a wonderfull job.
    Yannick VD

  3. I would like to build one. I have been inventing on my own. Come up with some interesting things, but if I can make yours work, I would feel greatly satisfied. I could try to replicate just from the video, but if you have plans I would love a copy. Thank you, Cory Tanner @ corytanner1979@rocket