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Sunday, November 6, 2011

"He who thinks freely, thinks well" a quote taken from Rigas Feraios
There were moments, while reading some articles and posts, when I felt that this world just doesn’t deserve to be given anything for free.
These were moments of great disappointment and discouragement from the behavior of some people.  But still, my personal beliefs for a better future, prevailed.
And as it proves there are many more like me out there, sharing the same beliefs.
I am saluting all the purely thinking fighters for Overunity.
The ones having the power to form their own opinion about what is really happening and do not just follow the opinions and directions of some columnists  or organizations that  “allegedly”  care for our well being.
In the following links you can find out on your own what I am talking about as well as Who are some of these gentlemen that supposedly represent the struggle for a better world.
Just search on your own “who is behind free energy organizations”

As far it concerns these still negatively commenting, I think it is not necessary to repeat the undisputed scientific certifications about its functionality.
Unfortunately, due to lack of specialized electrical knowledge as well as lack of the necessary funds required to order the appropriate pulse generator, I have not yet been able to harvest power out of the device, which though is calculated to be more than 70% usable.  

These are the latest data and development:

The driving system is placed at 36° degrees and the first pulse is given while the second weight is located at the 1° degree. As a result, there is Smoother operation, almost silent and impressively less power consumption in the driving system. 

At number 4 of the comments I wrote, I say that special attention should be given to the base and the elastics.
Later I realized that my calculations «300 RPM x 50 kg = 15000 kg / min which means 900 tons per hour » were wrong. I did not calculate that at the 300 RPM of the existing prototype, the main weight is rotating at a speed of 57,650 Km / h and the external weight is rotating (running) at a speed of 126,604 Km / h.
Therefore  the pulse pressures are much higher and at 300RPM exceed the 25.000 N
Witnessing the size of that force made me realize that we can get output energy from another point of the system as well. Without changing any of the previous data.
Since then, I have conducted various experiments, trying to convert these pulse pressures to a rotary motion, but with no successful results so far. Other, larger forces, appear in the system, changing the expected behavior.
Some friends advise the use of a piezoelectric system for the collection of that power. Insisting and emphasizing, that this energy alone is enough.
Unfortunately I have no knowledge of this technology, nor access to it.

This innovation has been donated and belongs to humanity.
Hopping to the help of Every One of Us for further development.
In the past I have written about who I am and how I work. I have never asked for anything personally.
A kind request.  It would be great, if anyone willing and able to help in any way to this effort, would communicate through email.

Fotios M. Chalkalis


  1. Dear Mr.Chalkalis,
    Thank you very much for the latest changes on the drive system. I am just at the point building the drive system, so the moment you published this is spot on. I'm thankful that I made my drive system adjustable, it is easy to change the 42 to 36 degrees now. With the changes you suggest there is one appearing to me. Is it correct that there should be 3 pulse moments now. I can not see the end pulse rubber because your hand is on it in the video :-)
    Kind Regards,

  2. ...the FIRST pulse is given while the second weight is located at the 1° degree... Not 3 pulse moments just 2

  3. Hi there,

    Confgratulations for your best efforts and position.