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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy 2013

I wish you all the best health, love and peace to your homes and to the whole planet.
Many of you ask for plans and the exact amount of power on the system. We rotate 45kg (99 pounds) at 380 RPM using power equivalent to only 2% of the rotating mass, without taking under consideration the centrifugal force.
I cannot even theoretically calculate the exact power of the system as I do not know how the bended arm torque is calculated and till now I had no answer to my public question on the subject. I will write back when I will have any update.
Also for your information, I am publishing the letter I send to the administration of  EUFORES and to the vice president Mrs. Anni Podimata. 

[ Respectable Ladies and Gentlemen, of the 12th EUFORES Inter-Parliamentary Meeting.
My name is Fotios M. Chalkalis. Believing in the unlimited energy of Gravitation, I deal all my life and I already have indisputable results that have been analyzed and confirmed by internationally renowned scientists.
Dear representatives, of the 503 million people, please discuss the theme of Gravity and give as an official answer on why gravitation as an energy source is not included in the various programs of research & development like solar, wind, geothermal etc. and you can trace all energy forms back to its root form gravity. (Link) 
Clarifying it, do consider the results of the hydroelectric power plants with the great efficiency rate of 90%, which is a derivative of Gravitation.  I hope this forum to give an answer on why Gravity continues to be ignored, the endless energy to which we owe our existence as written by great scientists such as Stephen Hawking ( his book: “The Grand Design”),  F.M. Kanarev  and others.  Sincerely  F.M.Chalkalis ]
Unfortunately the subject was not discussed on their meeting on 23 & 24-11-2012. The “great” politicians and science experts probably continue not to consider Earth’s attraction as an energy source. Unless there are other reasons.
Happy holydays


  1. Kyrie Chalkalis,
    Tha ithela na sas sygxaro me ta epiteugmata sas kai elpizo na yparxoun polloi san esas!
    Tha ithela an mporousate na mou dosete kapoies diastaseis kai leptomeries i sxedia, ftiaxno kai ego kati kai thelo na xreisompoiiso to diko sas gia to flywheel san epiprostheto sto sxedio mou.
    Eimai apo tin Kypro kai me lene Niko Alexandrou. To email mou einai
    Sas euxaristo.

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