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Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear friends,
This is an update for all the friends interested in free energy and my work.
Studying on the internet the presentation of plenty of inventions that rely their functioning on magnetism I thought it could be an ideal solution for the driving system of our invention. Unfortunately, after a year of working on that perspective, I can state that magnetism can be used only in small systems not requiring high performance.  That is because the power of an engine depends upon the size of the torque and the speed.
 In order to accelerate a rotating / moving body, we must first reach its speed, something that with magnets is impossible because although we can adjust the strength of a magnet, we may not adjust it’s attracting speed which as I recently found out can reach the speed of light. So when we try to increase the speed of a moving object, we instantly hit ( bang on) it and that results in its resistance as very accurately described by Newton.  That is why I believe that no free energy device based on magnetism could ever function.
For all those who work with magnetism and may want to prove me wrong in my conclusions, I say that I would be more than happy to work with them on the question, or to present us with some serious device with high performance capability and not the toys we see. I believe that magnetism maybe could be used in some compressor system.
Also for the self hallucinations of those who work with the known gravity devices based on the weight shifting, such a device may not function producing high performance due to the fact that power is the repetition of torque. Increasing the speed though, activates other forces like the centrifugal that cancels the initial operating principle of the device.
The only one on a different but still right path, in my opinion, out of all that work with gravity devices like us, is Mr. Milkovitch. Unfortunately until today he did not achieve what he truly believes and is  feasible.
Dear friends, until now besides the two innovations you know I inform you that the piezoelectric energy harvesting systems applied on gravity devices has unbelievable results and with unique potentials of a device with unlimited size, regulated - controlled speed and regulated - controlled depth of pulses. In a research I did, all companies that I found online, deal with miniature constructions. The only research center I found and got in touch with was the piezoinstitute where a Ms. Wanda Wolny in charge, forwarded me to someone of her ex co-workers working as a private researcher on European Piezo-electric, based in Denmark. But  Dr. K.B. got very interested in where I locate and nothing more.
I am afraid that this is the way most european research centers function nowadays, living richly upon us. All the hallucinations for free and sufficient energy are highly costly and devastating to our future. The failure to utilize the attraction of the earth is not due to lack of technology but rather to the interests and the directed immaturity and the unreadiness of mankind for free energy.


  1. Dear Mr Chalkalis,
    I am from Namibia, Africa.
    Your invention would be a great addition to our land.
    Would you please send me more information.
    I would like to build one as well.

    Regards Jaco

  2. Hello, I just finished building construction. I have gravity wheel. I just need engine to drive it, and electricity generator. Mr Chalkalis seriously I dont believe that it will produce energy.

    The problem is that electrycity generator result that wheel slow down. My question is: why don't you install electycity generator? Why don't you finished it (not in calculation, but in reality), and show how it self-acting work?

  3. Nice work by design its very would indead produce electricity by its driving force. The mass will turn a generator only guestion is how much power to turn wheels and hp needed to drive force stevehvac@ thanks