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Friday, December 30, 2016

Happy New Year 2017

Dear friends,
Some health problems are the reason that I have not contacted you for long time. I wish you many happy years to come with health, love and peace in your home and all around the world.  I wish that in 2017 there are no paranoid, hypocrites and bellicose politicians and there are no wars.


  1. Hi.
    A question are you going to put more videos about it
    Could this device work at smaller scale?

  2. Dear Mr. Chalkalis, first of all congratulations for that remarkable effort and thank you very much for having shared it with us. I think that you probably opened a door with your Chalkalis effect, that in my opinion deserves to be studied deeply. Some decades ago there was an Italian engineer, Carlo Splendore, who built a simple device in order to show didactically that gravitation force could be used as a motor; here you have this old video it’s in Italian but I’ll explain to you the main concepts. First of all he remarked that the wheel he’s showing in the video is not efficient, but that it had only an educational purpose in order to show that the gravitation force could be exploited. He used a little motor, as you can see, that made a pulse only when the wheel was at a certain position, more or less at 270 degrees starting from the top, that is at 3/4 of the circle; so he remarked that this motor was only an aid in order to let the weight coming up to the remaining 90 degrees, that is for the remaining 1/4 of the circle; so even if it’s clearly not efficient and there is no overunity effect, the basic idea is the same idea that lays under your experiment, that on the contrary is very efficient. He showed the back of the wheel, where he set up the output side of the machine, that is the electric generator side of the machine; in fact on the back there is another wheel and along its circumference there is a crown of magnets; at the bottom of this wheel and in front of it there is a solenoid with an iron kernel inside, so when the wheel turns, the magnets turn in front of the coil, there is a variation of magnetic flux and a difference of voltage is produced in the coil; extremely simple, the simpler way to convert mechanic energy into electric energy. So perhaps you could do the same with your pendulum in order to transform mechanic energy into electric energy. Best Regards.

  3. Hello my friend
    I hope You are fine. Long of you heard nothing, I hope the political situation and the lifestyles are not so difficult. go on.
    Many greetings from Turkey ..