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this would run if coupled with generator say 3kw, bring the speed to 400rpm then install the required sheave to reach the generator required speed of 1800rpm, no need for variable speed motor, to vary the speed adjust the meshing of drive motor when it reaches its speed-- SIMPLE, SHARE TO EVERY BODY

uying99 3 weeks ago

Saw that vid, it proves nada. Simply because to be credible you need at least 4 runs, two same car on same track, two with switched over cars. Those things don't all perform alike. This doesn't mean I'm saying that the result isn't possible, just that the vid is no good.

nicbordeaux 2 months ago

Sure, when I was a kid I had a little yellow track for matchbox cars and before the loop de loop there were two foam coated wheels power rortating, powered by battery. When the car entered between the wheels, it got ejected with enough velocity to make a complete tour of the circuit, then re-enter the accelerator wheels.

nicbordeaux 2 months ago


Since you like it in "Machbox Cars" ;) search for "High Road Low Road Race" video!

W32DEFENDER 2 months ago

Impressive with no load attached as per usual.

sparkybaz77 3 months ago

what you say on this ..... free energy or the physics "­3k." Place the generator at 2Kw and try to run.....

zxinvest 4 months ago


Dear Zinvest, I saw your video and I have to say that it really shows your genius way of thinking!!!

W32DEFENDER 4 months ago in playlist Περισσότερα βίντεο από τον χρήστη CHALKALIS

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zxinvest 4 months ago

Your calculations are not correct! Place the generator at 2kw and try to run your system. But you do not do and it shows that the system does not work.

zxinvest 4 months ago

@zxinvest you could easily find all Calculations made by Dr.Kanarev especially since you speak Russian ZXinvest...but i guess you didn't bother or simply that was not the point of your comments anyway. was it?

W32DEFENDER 4 months ago

you are right,theres no doubt that the feltenberger pendulum pump uses the same working priciple!­o

for me its the 110% proof of your system, no question!

neuberlintourist 4 months ago

Why no more vids

Jhfgsjdcd 4 months ago

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MorskoyZmey 7 months ago

Doctor Kanarev does the mathematics on FM Chalkalis device...

CHILLOUT2HEAR 8 months ago

Νικος ... Συνεπως Οσο μεγαλυτερη ενεργεια ζηταμε απο το συστημα τοσο το συστημα θα επιβραδυνει , Τελικα θα βαζουμε μεγαλυτερη ενεργεια στα drive απο αυτην που περνουμε στον αξονα..

nikos0074a 11 months ago

Νικος.. Το προβλημα εδω ειναι οτι ενω οι υπολογισμοι για την κεντρομολο φαινονται σωστοι, εντουτοις ειναι για ενα συστημα χωρις φορτιο στο κεντρο του αξονα ..

Για να δουμε αν το συστημα παραγει κατι παραπανω θα πρεπει να βαλουμε ενα alternator πχ . 1 Χ 10 και φορτιο στο alternator πχ 500 - 1000 WATT . Η γνωμη μου ειναι οτι με το που ενωσουμε το φορτιο το συστημα θα αρχισει να επιβραδυνει.

αρα θα χρειαστουμε μεγαλυτερη ενεργεια στα drive για να συντηρησουμε τιις στροφες του συστηματος .

nikos0074a 11 months ago

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perplexfraction 1 year ago

please give a data for the energy input for the two driver motors on top in watts


neuberlintourist 1 year ago

the difference to a flying dutchman on a fun-fair, is that the driver wheels, which keep the system in motion are not on ground level but rather on top, little by side.

this makes it possible for the wheel+attached weights, with an inertial push, to turn a full rotation, back into the position of the driver wheels on top, which speeds it up again.

the point, where the driver wheels are fixed, their giving the most power to the system with the lowest energy need, because gravity is already acting

neuberlintourist 1 year ago

Congratulations for your success! this is legendary simple..


what you have constructed here, in my opinion.the difference is, that it makes full rotations(not only left and right), with the weights attached to it and the little help of the driver motors on the top.

this is exactly, what many people know from (county/state) fun-fair's.

i took often a ride witch such a thing, and it directly reminds me of this system, shown here in this video.

neuberlintourist 1 year ago

Mr Chalkalis, have you ever try to get power out of that wheel? For example, how about putting a generator on the same shaft and to see if the machine will power itself?

Yes, it's true that energy builds up when wheel is gets going by the power of centrifugal force, but "my question is" will it continue to go under same speed under load?

You need to test this.

mksboysal 1 year ago

Dear “fellow human” as Mr.Chalkalis have called you,

you can find all data and plans of the device on his Blog. Also you could google it and see how SERIOUS people are using the forums to discuss their opinions. I see you are Australian so I would suggest you to go at energeticforum(dot)com

It really makes me sad that people like you can judge without even bothering to look at the details. Unless of course you have some other objectives behind your comments.

LUPOHACK 1 year ago


LUPOHACK 1 year ago




Great Job. I can understand your disappointment. Thanks for donating and sharing.
Sorry for my poor English.

Why depending on anybody? Why not setting up your own website, which is cheap and easy, and uploading all the updates, documents and videos? I like your work very much but it is very unwise depending on people you don't know very well.



 Thank you my friend, we will not stop till we get enough support and replications together, yours - Ash on behalf of Panacea  - ashtweth

F.M.Chalkalis 2012 Update

 I'm afraid it's not impressive at all. You are applying possibly the maximum force the toothpicks can take (let's say 1 kg) over a distance of 0.5m, and at considerable average velocity. That is a lot of actual work done. A good pendulum would not stop for multiple revolutions after having been tapped over its top. Also, you did not start to extract any energy from the wheel, it was losing just as much as you put in by hand.

Dear Sir,
It was not possible to achieve an instant push and that is why my hand followed till I manage it. Even if that was the case though, the fact that we are rotating the 50kg continuously, with the use of two toothpicks in a distance of 510mm from the shaft, is not enough?
I think that even the scientific analysis of Dr. Kanarev won’t be enough for you.
Please make an effort to read all the details.

Βλεπω το ενα δαχτυλο λειπει ηδη. Βαλε και καμια γεννητρια γιατι κανενας δεν θα σε πιστεψει οτι διατηρει την δυναμη του, εστω 2-3-4 δυναμο απο αυτοκινητα με τροχαλιες και inverter στο τελος για σταθεροποιηση και θα χρειαστεις και πυκνωτες στην 12αρα. Ασε που οσο ανεβαινουν οι στροφες τοσο λιγοτερη ωρα ειναι στην θετικη ημιπεριοδο (λιγοτερο κερδος). Ελπιζω να πετυχεις το overunity γιατι αλλιως δεν εχει νοημα νομιζω.

In the pushing once a revolution, your arm performs work on the wheel for over 50cm. That is a lot of input.
The breaking piece of wood is not a very impressive test at all, please explain the point it makes? Your weights are placed halfway a very stiff lever, the wood is placed 5-6x closer to the axle. Plus the wheel had good impulse before hitting it. Nothing surprising that it breaks.
Please elaborate to the world on your theory WHY input along with gravity would offer a gain? THANKS!


  1. Hello Mr.CHALKALIS,

    how are you ? i hope you doing got.
    Sorry my englisch but i cam from Tirol Austria
    not Australia ok Tirol.
    can you tell me how i can make this Multiplikator
    for my home i neet for the cows and me 20 kw and my generator have 1500 rpm i hope you can help me.

    Thank you God bless you

  2. Hi,

    I am very impressed with your implementation.

    Is there any reason for 60 Degrees gap between 2 arms.


    Hey Mr Chalkalis, I'm from Argentina, and even though we are a modern nation, many a man lives in poverty here. I have duely watched your video....... I think I understand why your system is working... It is going to cost me a US$ 1000 more or less but I think I'm going to replicate your machine.
    It is going to take me a year and a half more or less (I've got to raise that money...) but I'll do it. Now would you be so kind as to mail me these plans of yours so I don't have to go through the same process as you did.... Something else I've read about other people inventing things alike (a serbian man with a pendulum machine...) but really they have nothing to do with your invention as the basis are completely different.... You came out with a wonderfull gravity engine nobody had ever imagined before! THANKS! If we do manage to make something out of it here, you'll hear of us, we shan't forget you, and as we go building your system we'll tell you about it!

  4. Hallo sir . I want to ask whether there are people who imitate the work of the father , succeeded ?

    1. Начинаю пробовать, видео буду выкладывать на ютуб канал: Pavek

  5. Я начинаю повторять вашу идею. Вот начальное видео на моём канале: