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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

F.M.Chalkalis Energy Multiplier No.2

It has been about two years since the publication of my innovation, in which I basically show that in order to exploit earth's attraction, we must initially add external energy as in any combustion engine.  Today, we have scientific confirmation of its functionality with mathematical explanations and analyses.
Some people's comment that if it works I should place a generator, even to use one from a car, in order to I show them that we have more energy. (overunity)

1) As I've written in the past, my electrical knowledge as well as the means available to me are meager if not completely missing.

 2) I have NO obligation to anyone to prove something and in particular to persons that cannot estimate the torque and force that we have in the axis of the system, in relation to the energy required in order to operate the system.

I do know that someone's interests are at stake. I have my doubts about those who govern us as well as about some organized activists, supposedly fighting for a better world.  If they are really interested, why don't they change the system of registration of innovations?  Why do they force most inventors to take their innovations to the grave with them? All it requires is a law where you have the first publication to protect the rights of an inventor.

I have donated the work of life with the belief that there are people that can benefit of my idea and of what I show and explain. From the comments that I am receiving until today, I understand that some people act ironically and negatively to anything that goes beyond of their limited knowledge as well as that their inability to analyze something new, before expressing their negative opinion.

Honorable ladies and gentlemen, irrelevantly of all the above mentioned and with the hope of a better tomorrow, I am presenting you my latest work. Believing that the exploitation of gravity is subject of geometric relations and proportions of the rotated bodies, I am showing you today in video, my new innovation. A revolution in free energy, a phenomenon which I believe that finally opens the way for the exploitation of the inexhaustible energy source of earth's gravity.

A big thank you to all of you who were involved and all of you who encouraged me with your good words. Especially to Dr. F.M.Kanarev.

The video that you will see is clear enough and probative.

The rotating mass is 45 kilograms with arm length 700mm.

This innovation is a donation for any non commercial use.
Commercial use can be carried out only with the written consent of the inventor.
Fotios Miltiadis Chalkalis


  1. Hello,

    Good work, a nice proof..!

    Gravity potential must be the best resouce for a cleaner future.

    Don't give up, keep your good work running.

    I wish you the best.

  2. Hello mr Fotios,
    Your first multipier,about two years ago,seemed to me a little
    bit "simplisitic" in engineering terms,considering my 33-years
    professional experience in structural mechanics as a fair reason
    for scepticism.
    But then I read the "perpetuum mobile" article of worldwide
    respectable prof. Philipp M.Kanarev furnishing the mathematical
    proof about COP of your multipier pendulum by virtue of his
    After this "revelation" I started studying frantically all the
    available in english scientific papers and books of prof.Kanarev..
    Now I think that everything about "free energy" is sufficiently
    clear to me from another point of view..
    So,when I saw your new multiplier ver.II video,I almost felt no
    surprise,only enthusiasm.
    It is exactly what I expected from a dedicated inventive man like
    To realize that your unselfish giving continues with another
    innovating evolution of the original multiplier.
    I think that now your invention deserves much more attention from
    the so called "alternative energy supporters".
    I have to apologize for just staring for two years without giving
    any financial,technical or even mental support to this brave work.
    And I promise this is gonna change as soon as possible..
    Long live GREECE! A.M.

  3. Dear friends,

    I am writing in public, because it is difficult to answer on the subject at every one individually.

    The good wishes and kind words of your emails, are touching me deeply and help me morally. THANK YOU!

    I apologize for not answering, to your emails, offering to help with donations.

    My resources are limited but if I had the financial means, I could present, with the appropriate technicians and materials, something completed perfected, so that the world could be persuaded that the power of Earth’s attraction can be used just like any other energy source (liquid fuels, hydrogen, wind, sun, ect) which all trace back to its root form gravity as mentioned by Byron ( Plus that energy from Gravity is totally green, perpetual, unlimited and free.

    Perhaps if we gather more people or there was a financial sponsor or even the creation of a nonprofit organization, could make reality all that I wrote.


    1. When it comes to "energy" glucuronolactone is still the best ingredient.

    2. Dear Mr. Chalkalis, We are a Swedish company. We have research project for integrating Magent and Garavity Energy. Would you like to join us? I tried to find your email, but I cannot find it. Would you like send me an email: Best Regards Ezzat Khosravinejad

  4. Hi again,

    I've sent the comment on september 28th.

    Unless the big potential of a new invention RELATED WITH ENERGY, like your work, last years I have learned and suffered in my skin, that after a good technical achievement and results beside how many people can benefits with these applications, we must LOOK the few people who might be harmed after these applications. Great economical interests which controls governments are dangerous.

    I continue with my private research, and only after seen the propper conditions can be realesed into public.

    You have disclosed before time, beside this I try to help in which I can.


  5. Fantastic article. Gravity prospective must be the best source for a better upcoming. To understand that your un-selfish providing carries on with another searching for progress of the unique multiplier. I think that now your innovation should get much more interest from the so known as "alternative power supporters". Country Reports

  6. Can we get one plan about this mashine?
    I like it. Thank you!


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