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Thursday, July 15, 2010

15 July 2010

Hello to all friends in the blogs and forums,

I will try to clarify on some questions and give some advices. On this innovation I have dedicated a big part of my life and in my writings I emphasize that I do not have the means to perfect it. I have declared that I am ready to help where I can and to share my experiences.
Some are saying that I should have first make it perfect and then to donate it. I am sorry I could not do it.
Some others comment on my math, they reject the innovation and discourage people from to deal with it. I'm afraid that pretty soon they might even doubt the physical phenomena exploited.

I did not ask anyone for money. I shared my innovation and I am hopping, with your help, to make a better tomorrow.

After finding that right after a few turns, the force required to complete the rotation is less and as speed increases it gets even lower and also that during the fall between 0 and 180 degrees, in my opinion, there is a surplus of energy,

I have tried for many years to use electromagnetism and many other ways in order to complete the rotation. Until I ended up with the simple way I presented you.

The amount of power we referred to is calculated based on the torque and speed and is clearly more than the input power the system needs. About the “How” and the “How much” of this energy we can harvest, I have my opinion that you may read below and I hope that together we may find a better solution.

Answers to your questions & how I would go on

1) I respect your suggestions however I would ask you at this stage to stay with the provisions of the plans. Many commented on the size of the structure but a miniature requires very specialized materials.

2) If your space allows it I would advise you to lengthen the distance of the center of weight from the axis with 10 more cm and the remaining blade (lever) with 15 cm. Certainly maintain the size of the weight. In the experiments I've done the greater the torque, the better it works.

3) The drive wheels are at 42 degrees. The total weight of the driving wheels is 15 kg (2 x 7, 5 kg) corresponding to three times the weight (force) needed in order to complete a rotation when it starts with no speed.

4) The driving system would require two enhanced soft wheels that do not swell (not changing their diameter) at high speeds. The size of the wheel determines the rate of transmission speed and power consumption. Eg the bigger the wheel the higher the rate of transmission speed. With a smaller wheel we have much less power consumption but lower rates of transmission speed. That is why it would be preferable to use a high speed motor with RPM controller.

Example from the existing prototype

Total arm length of 1,12m Χ 2 = 2,24m Χ 3,14= 7,0336 m perimeter.

Diameter of the driving wheel 0.3 m X 3,14 = 0.9420 m.

7,0336 / 0.9420 = 7.4666 times. This means that when our driving wheels run at 3000 rpm, we have on the main shaft 401 rpm, minus about 8% loss. This shows us that all three rotating objects are running with the same speed. While the energy consumption of the drive system is really small compared to what the rotating 278Nm have.

5) ) Power can be exploited only from the main shaft. It is the most efficient point, because all the forces in such high speeds are consolidated. For example when our rotating weight is located at either 180° or at 320° degrees it has the same amount of power. Besides if we try to get energy from the outer perimeter we will neutralize the properties of the lever.

6) Two motors of 1 or 1,5 Kw each if possible at 10.000 rpm , with speed control.

7) To place the whole system underground.

8) To get at the desirable amount of rpm and to connect the appropriate mechanism on our main shaft.

9) Another thought I had but I could not accomplish (experiment with) is that after we have placed it underground to run it with over 1000 rpm and with a gearbox to downgrade it at 200 rpm and then I would connect a generator such as those used in hydro systems.

A thank you too all people from the Forums & Blogs that look with interest in it.



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  2. fantastic work, I want to build one myself. Is there any plans on the net any where

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