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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fotios Miltiadis Chalkalis

To all of you who are fighting for a better tomorrow.

After the donation of my innovation I have been following various matters about Over-unity and I realized that the ridicule is much larger than one can imagine.
Thankfully nowadays, we have the ability to communicate through the Internet, so I decided to share some of my thoughts with you, being certain that we over match those fighting against us.
I do understand that, in a world where energy is of such great importance, huge interests are being affected and that many people are getting paid to write articles in order to mislead any free energy quest.
After my donation I saw that there are some inventions out there, that in my opinion, can be exploited.
So I am wondering:
Why isn’t there an International independent evaluation committee?
Where are the majority of Universities? Where are the various governments that are supposedly interested in green energy?
 where are the green political parties of the world?
Where are the various activist organizations like Greenpeace etc. ?  or the institutions like  Max Plank,  Panacea, etc.
The size of mockery and especially from whom we consider as representatives of the Over-unity quest, you can understand on your own by reading the following:
On the 9TH of July 2010, I saw the PesWiki page concerning my innovation, in which was written the opinion of the great Expert Mr. Lindemann, according to the presentation that Mr. Sterling does.
I do not doubt that Mr. Feldenberger’s innovation proves gain
Yet,  Mr. Lindemann’s  comments that Feldenberger’s device does function but Chalkalis invention doesn’t, is something that concerned many people.

During the past 14 months, there have been several interesting articles documenting the operating principle of my innovation by a number of people as well  by academics in America and Russia. Even  technical characteristics and performance analysis were published based on the prototype. 
(the document is in Russian but you can use an online translator).

Friends informed me that articles published on other sites & forums concerning my innovation have been sent to Peswiki though nothing was ever published. Despite the promises of Mr. Sterling  to inform of any updates.
I have personally emailed to Mr. Sterling three times.
In the last one, asking from the “internationally renowned representative of Over Unity” as I called  Mr. Sterling, to answer Why? 
Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 4:26 PM
 Subject Fotios Miltiadis Chalkalis (OS: F. M. Chalkalis Gravity Wheel)
Respectable Mr. Sterling D.A.
On July 9, 2010 I read that you have made a PESWiki page, informing and reviewing my innovation.
Ever since there have been several publications providing the scientific documentation
and mathematical analysis of the functionality of my innovation. 
Unfortunately, I do not see any update on the PESWiki page.
A friend from the forum told me that he have emailed you concerning the new data a few time ago.
But still, no update on your side.  I have personally emailed you my letter from 25 June 2011
which includes all links and updates as well as my personal thanking to you for your help on making my innovation known.
Once more, no update on your side.
Before I form my final opinion out of my many thoughts, I consider it as a human obligation from the person that is established as the representative of pure energy systems internationally, to give me an answer?
Sincerely yours
Fotios Miltiadis Chalkalis 

Unfortunately I never got a reply nor was anything published.
Therefore, I assumed that the permanent advertisement on Peswiki  pages with the photo of Mr. Lindemann, who’s reliability got under question, could be the obvious answer.
Lately I found out that the Chalkalis page of the PesWiki stopped showing up on Google search results.
A few days ago, I was surprised to see that the Peswiki page reappeared within the first results on Google search.
Reading it, I saw the old text dated from 9 July 2010 where Mr. Sterling says that “If it so happens that I'm wrong, and this is a true free energy design, then my guess is that it works because it uses some of the same principles of secondary oscillation gain described by Milkovic.”
I believe that it is obvious to anyone, that my innovation by the specific rotating body shape, the added external force, till the placement of the driving system at the specific point and the ability to control the speed (the performance) of the device just like on an ordinary internal combustion engine etc. does not have anything in common with Mr. Milkovic’s Two-Stage Oscillator.
Also according to your opinion, that my invention doesn’t work, I do not understand how is it that 408 watts* “presents physical dangers and noise problems”. (*common Coffeemaker wattage = 1,050 W
And although, there are publications on various sites, where scientists arguing about the actual degree of energy multiplication of my innovation and while Dr. Kanarev characterizes it as a new exploitable energy source, the Peswiki page seemed the same like the first day. 
( click on the photo for full size )
 According to the “Peswiki OS: F. M. Chalkalis Gravity Wheel” page info though, the page was last modified on Tuesday, 26 July 2011 08:36:49 
( click on the photo for full size )

With out mentioning any of the updated data on my invention that have been posted online by discrete scientists and universities.

The altered text now contains the following two new sentences:
1)      The two connected weights near the periphery are accelerated by two motorized bicycle wheels as they pass the 1-O'clock position Added as a description of the driving system’s flywheels that weight 15 kg and simplifies the 42⁰ degrees that the driving system is  as “1 –O’clock”.
2)      But before you launch into replicating, I suggest you read the comment we received from Peter Lindemann.”   Placed on  a prominent position directing to Lidermann’s comments where he advises  that no one should deal (get involved) with my invention.
I can’t stop wondering what the aim of that disorientation is.
Mr.Sterling, if  you  want people to believe that you are really struggling for the OverUnity then please apologize and give us some explanations.
Otherwise, I guess that anyone reading this will make his own conclusion on what you really represent.
Fotios M. Chalkalis


  1. Hi,
    You discover like me too, how much desinformation and false information there is on internet. This is done by intend to put the people on wrong paths. This is part of this world where powerfull organisations and people don't want to see free energy develop.
    I wish you all the best in the development of your system. Be carefull and be aware that these bad forces exist. People are completely manipulated by the propaganda on the media, TV, internet, radio.
    Best wishes,

  2. I think even the free energy inventors want to make some money on their inventions. I don't judge them, probably Bessler also did want... Perhaps some of them would be glad to sell their devices to companies that they could replace the old fuel generators used in plants? Average ppl wouldn't need to know. Some of them would be glad to set up new plants and sell people the energy they get for free. Some think 'show must go on' that's it. Your system appears to be too good and too easy to build comparing to others, which means it is dangerous for some powers.